CaMe's Ambassador NYC 5175(can) 120358(US)

 New York City X Callaway's Star Dust by Callaway's Blue Norther






In training at 3 years old

foaled/né: 2001


Grand son of Callaway's Blue Norther & Manatthan Supreme, Ambassador pass to his foals: expression, action, power and EXCEPTIONAL trainable temperament.


        This WONDERFULL stallion is available for breeding.


Ambassador's gets/poulains de Ambassador


Ambassador's Star Dust

 CaMe Ambassador NYC X Callaway's Star Dust by Callaway's Blue Norther







foaled/né: 2007


Aby is an EXCEPTIONAL young horse, with a top producers pedigree. He is out of a tight line breeding on Callaway's Blue Norther and Sixpence Star Princess. He has an WONDERFUL pedigree of performer & trainable horses. His first crop will be on the ground in 2012.

Aby est un jeune cheval exceptionnel, avec un pedigree contenant les meilleurs reproducteurs. Il est né à la suite d'un accouplement doublé sur Callaway's Blue Norther et Sixpence Star Princess. Il possède un SUPERBE pedigree de performance avec des tempéraments faciles. Ses premiers poulains sont attendus au printemps 2012.

Photos in training coming soon.

This young stallion is proven and available for limited breeding.

Ce jeune étalon est prouvé et disponible pour un nombre limité de bridage..


New York City 3898(can.) M79018(us)

Manhattan Supreme X Sable Supreme


 Juin/June 1982 - Août/August 2007



New York City's get/Poulains de New York City




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